Dating for history buffs

Archaeologists take part in ds to uncover historical artefacts and remains, which may help us learn about the past. It’s also possibly the only career where seeing dead people is actually a good thing… Perfect for: People who like to get their hands dirty. These could include anything from electronic records through to hard copies of books or documents, maps, pictures and films. Whether you’re a recent history graduate, or just someone who’s obsessed with antiquity, finding a job that capitalises on your love for history could be the key to happiness in your career. Here are some of the top jobs for history lovers: Sometimes the best careers come buried under the surface.
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Punk rock online dating

Not much of a singer, Williams and the Plasmatics embraced a more raucous version of the Runaway’s hard rock and eventually moved toward metal. I feel I would be most remiss if I did not include Wendy O. As we seem to endlessly debate the social value of certain female pop stars clumsy attempts to shock us, Williams spent most of the ‘70s onstage topless, sawing guitars in half with chainsaws, and setting cars on fire. Williams’ antics made her a prime fure for television (like gross-out punk provocateur G. Allin, she became something of a novelty act on the talk-show circuit).
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